"VirtueCom, as your trusted IT partner, has established partnerships to bring you the best-in-class technology solutions for your business needs.  Some of these partnerships include:"


As an industry-leading provider of VoIP platforms, VirtueCom is proud to be partnered with 3CX.  Providing a robust and feature-rich PBX platform is a basic business need of any business, hosted on the VirtueCloud platform, we are able to offer these services to you with full seamless integration to your Microsoft365 tenant and cloud solutions you've already come to use and trust.

VoIPTools Expanding upon the rich feature-set of 3CX, VoIPTools is the leading extension developer for the 3CX platform.  VirtueCom has partnered with them to offer all of these outstanding tools to enhance your PBX environment allowing you to fully customize your environment with over 35 plug-ins designed and developed with business processes in mind.